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Workshop Services

Workshop Services


Dilong Drilling can break apart seized and damaged components and provide machining and repair services to help rebuild any of your industry’s products. Our workshop has a hydraulic breakout table that can torque apart various diameter threaded cylinders. Our breakout table can handle tubular components that range in size from 1” outside diameter to 12”.


Our workshop is equipped with a DEMAG 5 tonne overhead crane to manoeuvre equipment safely and efficiently throughout the premises.


To extract full power from your hammer and squeeze the maximum number of metres from each drill bit, regular grinding is essential. Armed with sharp bits, you will not only boost productivity, but also experience far less wear and tear on your drill string and rig. Dilong drilling has two bit grinding machines capable of regrinding bits from 2’(55mm) through to 26”(660mm) in size.


Does your hammer need an overhaul? Dilong Drilling can provide a complete service or repair of your DTH hammers. We are specialists in DTH products and can disassemble, inspect, clean and rebuild your equipment ready to take on the next challenge. On disassembly we will clean, inspect and measure all parts and supply a report for you to assess what is the best way to move forward with your equipment.